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The Wood Wedding

This is our first Christmas break that includes a child getting a break from school, and I was delusional about how the two weeks would go. We are over a week in, and until yesterday, we hadn't spent a full day at home...and the only reason we did that yesterday is because everyone (but me) was sick.

It's been a whirlwind...Thursday the 19th was manicure day with my sisters before the big wedding weekend. Friday the 20th was packing the van for the weekend (planning to come home, preparing to be stuck due to weather) and the Kindergarten Christmas party, the 21st was the wedding and the 22nd was the travel home day after staying in a Salina hotel thanks to 14 inches of snow!

So today...all about the wedding!

We had all the normal stuff...lovely decor, lots of photos, painful bridesmaid's shoes...
But also some unusual stuff...like the hem of my dress completely unraveling and repaired with tape, and also lots and lots of snow, which dramatically cut down the guest list. But, the wedding went on, Bryce and Monica got married and it was lovely!

My handsome little guy was the ring bearer. Though we joked before-hand about putting a cookie trail down the aisle, he did superb without bribery.

Miss J was in her element. She was the one I was worried about, as she normally hates photos, but she was a little gem all weekend! I realized even more how much of an extrovert she is...and when she acts up at home, it's probably because I have deprived her of people for too long!

This one, while you can't tell in THIS photo, was NOT in her element for the weekend. Her slow-to-adapt personality came through with lots of long, drawn-out meltdowns. Her need for comfort went unmet with a scratchy dress (which I ended up wrapping a tea towel around her waist and pinning it to block the itch) and lots of pins in her hair...not a fan. The garb was off and pins out as soon as the cake was cut! She is so much like me, but I've had more years to practice going with the flow...

Despite the meltdowns, Miss G was the ultimate pro at go-time...and I was a proud Mama from this viewpoint:

Brad was a groomsman as well, so we were a busy family!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Wood!


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