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Pretty in Pink do-Over

If you've read my blog since, say, March 25, 2011, you  might remember a post titled Pretty in Pink. The post was all about our experience...er...debacle in painting Gracelyn's room at the farmhouse. After finally dumping mismatched pinks together, we arrived at the finished product. While darker than I had intended, it was finished, and I had NO intention on revisiting the matter.

Until we moved back to town...and again painted the girl's room a different, lighter pink. And then that room turned into Case's room when we realized he could take better naps without the girls walking through his room. So rooms were flip-flopped. Case ended up in a pink room, which we re-painted awhile ago...and posted about HERE.

And the girls ended up in a blue room (the color, of which, I wasn't thrilled about), with a promise that it would again be painted pink. Over New Years, my parents took the kids, and I set about living up to my end of that promise...over a year later.

My goals were lofty: paint pink over the blue and paint white over the wood. With only my set of hands working on the first of two kid-free days, I quickly realized the white would not be happening. Sad.

I loved the color of the girls-turned-Case's pink room, and knew we had some left. I thought all the old mismatched pink was gone, so I just grabbed the first can of pink that I saw from the basement, even though the color name didn't sound right.

Turns out, it wasn't...but shout out to the Holy Spirit that kept nudging me to check the color...check the color...I only painted the wrong color in one corner before correcting my mistake. Phew.

A couple weeks before, I had just hung stuff up...and then it all had to come back down. Did that a little backwards, but it gave me a bit of room for trial and error!

Progress in a big mess:

And the semi-finished shot. I say semi, because nothing is up on the walls...again...and the bunks are coming back down. We have one oldest daughter who isn't a fan of sleeping on the top, and one younger daughter who is way too young and floppy during the night to be up that high! It did make the play space larger on the opposite side, so I will now need to find another place for the girls' table and chairs.  

Any reno/design mistakes you've found yourself (almost) repeating?


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