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A climber? Oh my.

As a mom, I've now experienced nearly six years of raising children. And of the years I've experienced, the 18 month to 2.5 year age range has been the most difficult. 

While an extenuating circumstance, this was the time frame Miss G was diagnosed with hereditary spherocytosis and had her surgery. It was during this time frame that Miss J gave me more than one heart attack by her ability to bolt. (If you need any reminder, read HERE & HERE!)

And now, little C is just starting that journey...as a climber. 

1. So proud of himself for getting up on the chair 

2. Thinking of the next step... 

3. This is going to be good...

4. The plan is mischievous...

5. And it involves one more climb. 

6. Mommy let him (this time)

7. But not this time...I moved the chair back.

8. The move was devastating...

9. And frustrating...

10. But then he realized he could still climb the chair even though it wasn't by the table. All is right with the world.


Oh, Brad and I are in for it...but he's just so darned cute.


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