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Today, the outside world (in Central KS at least) is coming out of the deep freeze, and that means our Internet connection has also thawed out. Yes, on those frigid days, our connection hibernates, so for the last week, I have been without my fast connection to the outside.

I've found plenty to do, of course, and honestly, I don't mind taking a break from my computer...but something amazing happened last week, and I've been longing to tell you
about it!

One week ago, on the snowy morning of snow day No. 1, our little Miss G made the decision to ask Jesus into her heart. As moments go, this was one of the best. She had asked many questions the night before, but she and little sis were so hyper during that Q&A that I didn't even ask...instead, after putting them to bed, I prayed. I prayed that when the time came, it would be real...and I didn't expect God to answer "yes" for awhile. 

The next morning, the first thing Miss G did after coming down the stairs was tell me she was ready to ask Jesus into her heart. So, still snuggly from sleep and clothed in jammies, I had the privilege to pray with my firstborn, helping her dedicate the rest of her life to the Lord.

It was quite the moment, and something I will never forget.

But I realized later that day, that while monumental, the work of getting to that place is nothing compared to the work ahead.

Now she is in the midst of battle. My little 5 year old. My baby.

God holds her in the palm of His hand, but the work is still great. And for now, Brad and I hold that responsibility for helping her put on her Armor...to teach her about God, to read the Bible to her, to help her hide the Word in her little heart.

Yes, the work is great! And we would covet your prayers as our new little Family member begins to take on a faith of her own.


*As a family, we have found it difficult to schedule a family devotion time. What have you found that works/doesn't work for your own family?


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