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A dolphin party

April 16 is always a day for the books. It will forever be an important day...the birth day of our first born. Many of you know of our journey with this little beauty. If not, here's a fresh perspective that will get you up-to-date. And, if you need more reading, check out these about our journey with hereditary spherocytosis.

I think our story makes every birthday all the sweeter. Every year it gives me the opportunity to see where we've been and how faithful God has been. Not only in the fact that God has brought Gracelyn some relief from doctor's appointments and transfusions, but mainly the fact that it was God who was our source of strength in some of our most trying adventures.

As Gracelyn's first year of school winds down, we are amazed that she has only missed one day of school this year. I never expected that. In fact, I assumed that if she continually missed class, I would take on the role of educator and homeschool her. Funny how I always need a backup plan! 

Instead, she's been healthy. Last year at this time, she was in the hospital with a severe fever. It could still happen this year. Nothing is certain regarding her health...except that the God who gave us strength before will be faithful to do it again!

This little girl brings us much joy. Her story is a huge part of my own testimony. And I am forever grateful for the chance to be her mom. 

That said, here's some photos from her days of celebration:

The playhouse was a joint gift for Gracelyn and Jemma. It deserves it's own post, so watch for that! 

Birthday queen of the class:

A dolphin party:

Little sis stole some thunder, so here's a candle re-do:

Happy 6th birthday, Gracelyn!


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