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Finishing Touches - From the curb

For over a year, I've been looking for a dresser for the girls' room. I needed it to be a specific size to coordinate with the dresser I purchased from The Vintage Soiree several years ago. The Vintage Soiree is my go-to shop for furniture, and they were kind enough to keep a lookout for a perfect match. But without luck. They found lots of great pieces (and if you recently went to their spring sale, you saw some of them...and were maybe even fortunate to get one), but nothing that worked for my space.

And then, one day in March while driving home from Wendy's, I spotted it. A diamond in the rough. On the curb. For free. I stopped to take a look and estimated it would be perfect. I went home to get a tape measure, and sure enough, it was a match! Brad and I quickly stowed it away in the van so it wouldn't get snatched up.

Here she is in all her curby glory:

After some sanding and a coat of Kilz, she looked like this:

And now, behold! I splurged on the farmhouse pulls, but with the original $0 price tag, I still came in way under a new (or even a used) dresser. The color is Vivid Meridian from the True Value paint line.

Imagine my dismay when I didn't even have a before shot. Before, the second dresser was a beautiful antique piece that we have been borrowing from my parents since before Gracelyn was born. It was wide and low in stained wood. Pretty sure my mom was excited to get it back...

Amazing what some paint and hardware can do:

With each update, I continue to grow happier with the look of this room. I'd still love to paint all the upstairs trim white like Case's room. But for now I'll gaze on this redeemed gem.

Anyone else found free treasures lately?


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