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After the (chalk) dust settles

In college, I was always jealous (and yes, maybe somewhat skeptical) of other students who could hear God's call loud and clear on their lives. I wanted that, and yet all I heard was static.

What I didn't understand then, is that hearing God's call takes active participation on MY part. My faith grew in leaps and bounds while I was at Tabor, but still, my faith "maturity meter" was pretty feeble. I'd just come through a major life trauma of the death of my brother, and even though I had turned back to my faith after a couple angry years, the wounds were still fresh.

Fast-forward to my senior Christian Faith class...Dave Faber...and lots of chalk dust. (I often found myself feeling sorry for his wife, thinking of all the laundry...) I loved that class. But when it came to writing my own personal mission statement, I still couldn't hear. My statement ended up feeling generic, lacking substance of life examples.

But God has been working, and I'm starting to hear. Pretty loud and clear.

I have a heart for the church...namely those in the church who are broken and hurting...like I have experienced so much of. I feel God's call to be a missionary WHERE I AM. He has opened my eyes to the hurting. He places people on my heart...some for extended lengths of time, some for shorter. He has opened doors for me to serve...as a wife, as a mom, as a writer, as a church member and as a coach.

He is teaching me how to pray. He is teaching me how to love. And He's giving me opportunities to practice what I'm learning. (If you'd like to hear about these, I'd be GLAD to share!) 

God's presence has become very real to me, and I am thankful. 

(Hey Dave, guess it's better (9 years) late than never! And I can actually cite many examples now :)


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