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Finishing Touches - Star Card Holder

It's so fun to get Christmas cards and Christmas letters every year.
But I always struggle with what to do with them. It seems like a shame to put them in a basket, which is what my holiday-muddled mind always does. I mean, I do that regularly anyway--when in doubt, throw it in a basket!

While baskets are great for clutter hide-and-seek, not so much for Christmas cards. Those deserve respect and display.

So after decorating for Christmas this year, I realized I had the perfect spot for a card holder...right in a prime location in our dining room. I'd come across some rustic-ish stars on pinterest...and I have a talented hubby...

So he built this:

A couple days later, I settled on Minwax's Dark Walnut stain and set to work. While I got my star inspiration from Pinterest, I couldn't find examples of stars-turned-card holders. 

That brought on another delay as I mulled over my stringing options. After a trip to Hobby Lobby where I purchased some jute ribbon, this is the pattern I ended up with:

I've yet to see how many cards I can cram on this thing without it losing its star shape. But for now, I'm using mini clothespins and enjoying some friendly faces:


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