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The Best Gift

I received the best gift ever this year...from my 6-year-old daughter. Her gift to me epitomized what we are trying to teach our kids about Christmas... that it's a gift full of love, sacrifice and meaning.

She made me a journal and put it in my stocking. When I pulled it out, I almost cried!

Her thoughtful gift spoke volumes. She knows I journal nearly every day. She knew I was almost finished with the spiral journal I just started at the end of August. So she made me a new one.

I started using it today.

This girl has a tender heart. She is already tuned in to the needs around her...and not just of mine.

Every time I write in the pages of this journal, I will be touched by her beautiful spirit.

And I will continue to pray that the seeds of her faith will be planted deep...and that her roots will continually grow into the solid foundation of the Lord.

Have you received a gift that has touched your heart? If so, will you take time to share?


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