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Finishing Touches - Girls room update

I've been playing dresser swap-a-roo over the last month. 
Remember my curb dresser?
This one?

It's no longer in the girls' bedroom. It's in mine...along with the other dresser of similar color. But before you go thinking the girls' clothes must be strewn all over, I will let you in on a secret. I bought two more dressers from Vintage Soiree. See? What a shock. Me? Buy something from Vintage Soiree? :) ( The Vintage Soiree/Kansas )

So instead of this image as you walk into the girls' room...


...you now see this:

I painted the girly-style dressers a lighter blue than before. (The tall one WAS all painted, but it didn't cure very well and then a child decided to help it along...) Speaking of children, this is what the room so often looks like: 

But I love looking at pretty pictures of pretty things, so I tided up a bit for these shots. Hope you don't mind.

As their "practical" Christmas gift, the girls both received new horse bedding. It is from Target, and I got a steal of a deal on them. Even I was pleasantly surprised Christmas morning when a sheet set also tumbled out of the package!

As a family of five living in a small bungalow (with approximately 1000 sq feet on the main level), storage and organization has become a necessity. With the help of internet photos...such treasure!...I have developed strategies to put all our space to good use. The white toy chest shown above is maxed out with stuffed animals. Normally it isn't shut, but for your viewing pleasure, I might have thrown a few into the neighboring bedroom and closed the door.

I also added a series of plastic storage drawers under both beds. I lined them with scrapbook paper to make it pretty. They are a great storage addition...and now with raised dressers, I have more room to work with!

To the right of the dollhouse, there is a small eve closet that makes for wonderful toy storage. This closet has gone through several phases. Per my request, my husband put shelves on the far end, wrapping around the main wall of the closet. The shelves are slowly evolving and we're finding what works and what doesn't. 

One thing that works really well is the shoe organizer we hung on the back of the door to store Barbie dolls. It's a great way to keep them off the floor and out of bins, saving valuable shelf space for other items.

As of this morning, the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair stick horses have a place to call home. I simply hung two white hooks on the wall, and presto...horse stable! 

And finally, a couple last little peeks...

...Hope you've had as much fun as I have! Happy Tuesday.

What rooms are constantly evolving in your home? Any unique storage ideas you've recently been inspired by?


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