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Over the last several months...maybe even a year...I've really been thinking about the purpose of my blog and if it's something I want to continue.

I honestly don't know if I have a good answer. As a writer, blogging seems like a must-do...but really, does the world need another home blog? Advice blog? Faith blog? Kid blog? Parenting blog? Yeah, probably not.

So if I'm not out to please the world, and let's face it, my blog's reach doesn't encompass much of the world...is it still worth doing?

Here I sit, still pondering. 

But in the meantime, I actually just finished a project that I wanted to share. 

I'm busy, and I needed something to be my brain to free up my brain. Make sense?

I have too many projects going simultaneously to keep them straight in my head. But traditional calendars and to-do lists just don't work for me. I hate being tied to a list, even though I have deadlines. I need flexibility. (I also hate the feeling of not finishing a daily list and then starting the next day already behind because of those leftovers. Anyone else?)

Enter Sticky Notes. A friend and I were discussing the brilliance of the Sticky Note...a piece of paper, a little glue, and wall-ah, fabulous invention.

My inspiration was the wall organizers that use Sticky Notes that can be transferred from to-do, to in-progress, to completed simply by moving the paper. But I didn't want something like that on my wall. Too in-your-face for me.

So, I took the flexibility of that wall organizer, and condensed it to a 3-ring binder. It's nothing as inventive as the actual Sticky Note...I'm sure there are others who use this method...but it was great to start getting my lists out of my head. 

I have a several organizations I work for, plus my own writing work, plus my home organization and projects, so I used tabs to keep all those different lists compartmentalized.

Then I used rubber cement to adhere Sticky Note pads to the inside of the binder (I'm pretty proud of this moment of ingenuity...if you've seen this before, don't tell me...)

Then I got to work writing down tasks. This is an ongoing thing, but it's really helping my sanity!

I didn't make a separate "Completed" page because, 1) it messed up my two-page spread, and 2) I figured I'd just throw those tasks away. But, I decided I really liked watching the completed tasks add up, so I started piling them on top of each other...after I crossed them out of course. Eventually I'll have to throw them out, and maybe tweak my system again after awhile to compensate for this quirk of mine.

Anyone doing any organizing...brain or otherwise...this weekend? We're still working on our bathroom re-do, plus finishing up some re-organizing upstairs...toys again...what can I say?


  1. I might have to copy this! I've seen several organization binders, but it seems like there's always too many printables with lines you have to fill out, and they don't seem like they would fit what I need 100%. This would be perfect, I think!!!

    1. I hope it works for you Liesel! The flexibility it provides over an actual list is so freeing for me!

  2. Brilliant! I love the sticky notes. I have too many ideas/projects floating around and need a place to corral them. Thanks!


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