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That Mom

This photo holds much more than the casual observer could know. It was Halloween 2011, and in the spirit of the holiday, that smiling mom? She's wearing a mask.

Just that morning, that same mom, shown helping her daughter trick or treat, was trying to hold herself together while driving home from Newton where a blood test revealed what she'd woke up suspecting...another miscarriage.

Just that morning, not knowing where else to go, and not wanting to go home, that mom had taken her two girls to the park so they would be distracted enough not to see free flowing tears or hear a one-sided conversation of explanation.

Just that morning, that mom called up her friend, sobbing to her about it "happening again." That friend placed a hold on her day. Made lunch for that mom and her two girls. Brought out pain killers when the acute pain from the loss became too much to bear. She sat and comforted.

Yes, this photo says so much...1,000 words, right?

That mom. Pretending all was right in her world even though she was in the middle of losing another child who was very much wanted and loved. Wearing a smile for the world to see. Pushing aside the physical pain that intensified the emotional agony.

Do you have a photo like it?

Today, Oct. 15, is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. If you've experienced a miscarriage or infant loss, take some time to contemplate and remember. Grieve if you need to. Feel freedom to start to take off your mask.

And for others, please remember to be sensitive with pregnancy conversations and assumptions. You never know who is wearing a mask...let's create a safe place for "that mom" to reveal herself!


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