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Finishing Touches: My Connecting Place

Though hard to believe, we moved into our cute little bungalow four years ago! (Sidenote, that means I have an almost-4-year-old boy!) There were several reasons we made the move from the farm back to town, but the reason we chose this place is because it's so darn charming!

Built in the 1920s, this house has character! Glass-front built-ins, wide baseboards, large windows, wood floors...we walked in, and I fell hard! This house fit our bill, and felt like an answer to our prayer-filled situation.

We've spent time making it our own. Home decor/organization is one of my favorite places to expel creativity while NOT sitting in front of a computer. (Check out Finishing Touches HERE) We've worked hard making this small-ish house work for our family of five...and every time a solution works, it gives me a rush! I love the trial and error process of home design!

But the amazing thing is that my favorite spot of this house isn't anywhere on the inside. It's actually outside. 

Here's a close-up so you can really get a good look:

Didn't see that one coming, did you?

But over the last several months, that's where I have felt the power of Christ in my weakness. It's where I have poured myself out to God. It's where I have sat with tears streaming...the only offering I could give in the moment. It's where I have prayed and where God has answered. 

It's my connecting place.

And this journey I'm on calls...begs...for a connecting place. 
Collectively, our journeys NEED a connecting place.

Consider Jesus. He often slipped away to pray. 
Different versions of Luke 5:16 use words like "slip away to the wilderness," "withdraw to desolate places", "withdrew to lonely places." Jesus wasn't afraid to be alone with His Father. And I shouldn't be either!

Spending time alone with the Father is powerful and life-giving! It's in the moments with Him that I strengthen my spiritual core to withstand the battle. It's in the moments with Him that my prayers are powerful and effective. It's in the moments with Him that, if I'm listening, I hear His stirrings! And focus shifts from me to God.

There's such promise in those focus-shifting moments!

I've found those words from Matthew to be true. In the moments I let my guard down before God, not hiding my emotions or my heart...being honest and transparent...the focus DOES shift, and grace abounds. It's the grace that makes me want to change.

And it's the grace...a heaven-sent desire for more of God and more of His abundant life... that keeps bringing me back to my connecting place.


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