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Finishing Touches: Re-imagined bath/laundry combo

A couple months ago, Brad and I took a personality test...just for fun, of course. My first response to my results was "ha...you've got to be kidding!" One of my traits was a love for experimenting. Well, "experiment" takes me back to science class...my absolute least favorite subject. 

But after I let this personality trait resonate for awhile, I realized I DO love to experiment. Just not traditional science-lab-style. My brain is always tinkering with my home. Organization. Color schemes. Furniture placement. YES! I definitely DO love to experiment! (Not only that, but I also love to create. Home = Double Bonus)

We've lived in our Bungalow Craftsman since 2012. We've tackled things big and small. I've shared some on here under Finishing Touches (so feel free to browse). 

Today I want to show you our main bathroom, which happens to be a laundry room as well. Now, I've watched enough HGTV to know that many people turn up their noses when it comes to a bath/laundry room. Personally, though, I LOVE it! Our bathroom is big, so having the washer and dryer in there is fine. It's also convenient to stash a hamper in the bathroom's under-stair closet, and toss stuff right in the wash!

The footprint of the bathroom has stayed the same from move-in day until now...floor, vanity, tub, and saloon doors, all unchanged. But the laundry storage...let's just say I experimented...and it was successful.

Here are the before shots:

Isn't the footprint a great size? I love it!

The laundry nook is on the right side of the room when walking in the door.

While large, the cabinet left a lot of wall space wasted.

Every time I entered the room, I spent mental energy imagining and dreaming.

And then one day, a smaller, uglier cabinet ended up on the curb. It was orangish...and sadly I don't have a before photo. But, it fit the space AND my vision perfectly. I wanted to use all the available wall space. The cabinet tucked in nicely, and allowed shelves to be built around it.

I have come to LOVE the combo of black/white. So we left the vanity black, and painted our new built-ins black as well. It makes me so excited to come up with plans, pass them off to my husband, and watch them come to life. Seriously. He's really good at building!!!

The cabinet holds towels/washcloths and laundry detergent. All the shelf decor is also purposeful. One basket holds stain removers, the other my iron. The wire basket is full of clothespins. The glass jar is Clorox 2. And then the fabric bins...one holds swimming gear, one holds laundry for my oldest (separating my girls' laundry drop-offs has been a brilliant, time-saving move). The other is for dirty linens. 

We've also corralled the ironing board and our brooms with wall organization. Much better than storing the stuff behind the washer (see before photos. HA!)

While I spent time tweaking after the built-in was complete, for the last 8 months, things have stayed the same...except for a broken shower head.

Yeah. Experimenting Malinda-style is fun! And pretty, too.
Happy Friday!


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