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Finishing Touches: Great Closet Switch of 2016

Three years ago, I shared THIS POST about our upstairs landing. I had recently re-painted and changed the function from office to children's library.

Here's a before/after from that change (for more photos, click the above link):

My recent transformation didn't change the landing much, as you'll see, but instead focused on the landing closet with the tall door. (We also have unfinished eve storage, both on this landing and the other side of the stairs. Definitely a fun part of owning a character home!)

Since we moved in, I had been using the closet to store my books and crafting supplies. But recently, after running up and down the steps several times to find different books that I needed to reference, I realized how much I wanted my office to also house my library. 

So I did a closet switch.

The entire closet was emptied and re-painted a light aqua...I'm a blue-loving-gal, so it was an easy choice to re-paint the dark brown walls. The shelves, once tan, are now white. And wall-a, the space is now kid-friendly (albeit several weeks passed between project start and finish...don't judge). 

Once the shelves were cured, the kids' puzzles and games, once stored in my office closet, got moved upstairs, and my treasure-trove of books got relocated to my office...which I should share about someday!

Not only did things get moved around, they also got sorted--keep, sell, throw away. Let's just say my next garage sale is going to be HUUUUGGE. (Betcha can't wait!)

During the sorting process, the large stash of kids' books were also sorted...again emphasizing the hugeness of this upcoming sale...

But I also played librarian...I mean, what a GREAT job...being surrounded by books, words and stories! Yes!

I made tabs using scrapbooking supplies and then packing tape to secure them to the bookshelf. Our tabs include Fiction: animals; Fiction: people; non-fiction; farm/vehicles; and a section dedicated to Curious George and Berenstain Bears.

We've also replaced the character beanbags with a backrest and pillows.

Pretty sure that's where I should spend my afternoon...but probably with one of my own books...maybe I should have left them up there :)

Happy Finishing Touches!


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