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Finishing Touches | hsh108 _ living room

Home Sweet Home 108. In a month we will close on our new house, and our current abode will (hopefully!) become hsh108 to another/others.

Change is natural. And I'm trying to hold everything and every opportunity with a loose fist. To proceed with excellence in all, but to hold tightly to none. Am I sad to leave 108? Yes. Am I excited to get the keys to 215? Yes. I've been a whole bundle of emotions in regard to this house-switch thing. Perhaps you can relate?

In the weeks leading up to our move, I wanted to open the doors with a series of Finishing Touches so you can all take a last peek of the place we have loved for approaching five years.

Today we start with the living room.

Here's a picture I haven't shared...move-in day in June 2012. I was *ehem* largely expectant, so I took pictures and directed traffic:

This is what the room looked like a few days after we moved in. Everything was fairly tidy in order to celebrate Brad's 30th birthday:

Fast-forward to March 2015, when I brought home my IKEA sectional. I had dreamed of that day for what seemed to be a VERY long time. I had seen it so many times in my mind, that once the couch was in place, it didn't seem out of the ordinary:

Surprisingly, the living room was the last room to be painted...other rooms were painted over a couple times before ever taking a brush to this room. I had visualized blue for a long time, but I never could find the exact shade I wanted...something subtle...but something friendly. Once I found that shade in Behr's Streetwise, the living room finally got some lipstick:

Once it was painted, the white curtains didn't give enough contrast (you can see that on the left of the next photo...I planned to switch those to a bamboo shade, but don't need to now!) So, I got some fun curtains from Hobby Lobby. (I ❤ black & white patterns! See, even my pillows have it going on!)

And I would be remiss not to guide your attention to a few new additions...shelving built by my husband...who has a knack for bringing my carpentry visions to life!

These corner shelves are his most recent creation (can't wait to have an actual shop for him at the new place!). I normally like to gradually decorate my shelves, but in the case of these marvelous things, our realtor was coming to take photos, so I quickly threw some stuff on them. I would imagine they will look different in the new place:

Brad also made this sweet industrial shelving unit a few months ago. Again, it took some playing and re-arranging (and a few new items) to get to this point:

Thanks for visiting our sweet Craftsman Bungalow living room. I hope you'll be back for more of the Home Sweet Home 108 tour!


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