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Finishing Touches: hsh108_the Eatery

It's funny.
As I went back through my photos looking for pictures of our dining room, I didn't find many intentional room shots. It's not like we don't use the room. On the contrary! Three meals a day for almost five years, at least 20 birthday parties, a few other celebrations, plus an art studio for the artists in residence...we use this room all.the.time. But photos of the actual room were few and far between. 

I did find some though, so no worries! Brad's birthday was the first celebration in the house, not exactly sure what was happening here, but Miss G was enjoying it!
I spent a lot of time playing with furniture arrangements in the first months of living here...but one constant was a table and chairs :) The short buffet in the background wasn't a good fit in this house, and subsequently found a new home in Marion.

The room needed something with height, so the first major addition was the yellow hutch in the background. This guy was from a great vintage/re-purpose store, Rusty Tin Boutique & Vintage, in my hometown of Marquette. It's worth a trip to the quaint town--and if you go in the summer, take your kiddos to the pool...it's not crowded, and it still has a legit high dive!

This is the only photo I have that was taken shortly after we put the first new coat of paint on the walls sometime in 2013. It was always a hard color to photograph!

The teal dresser was added sometime before 2015. I seriously can't remember when. And the hutch got a fresh coat of paint in January of 2015...my baby sister got in on helping with that transformation.

And then, in October 2016, the room got a second new color, Behr's Streetwise, to go with the living room. During that re-coloring, the hutch's location got shifted. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it seemed to give us more space, so we ended up leaving it. 

At one point, this room had a rug under the table...but I never got a photo of it...and it didn't last long. I liked the look, but it was much harder to clean.

We also got a larger table while living here. I still miss my old round one with the burn mark and fingernail polish stains from when I was a girl...but we needed a table with expansion abilities. The chairs also (finally) got repainted. (Read about it HERE)

Well, for a room with minimal photo attention I sure managed a decent-sized post. Go figure! Stay tuned for the next installment of Finishing Touches: hsh108! 


  1. Thanks for naming this color! I've been searching high and low for an example of Streetwise in action. Do you still like it?

    1. In that house, I LOVED it! Then we moved and I planned to use it again. But in our new house, the color read a weird green rather than blue. I ended up using a blue-tinted white this time!


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