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HSH_108 | the Upstairs

I'm breaking from the lower level today and bouncing right up the stairs. Perhaps not showing you level by level is unconventional. But, I've never considered myself normal, per se...and I like to shake things up...so upstairs we go. 

Daring. Bold. Adventurous. Yep, that's us!

Pretend you've climbed 14 steps. Or, if you really want to be unusual, stand up and act out a stair-climbing motion. I'll wait.

Now for the tour.

I've said it before...the top of the stairs is one of my favorite places in the house. It's friendly. It's light. It's filled with books. What a trifecta!

Here's a quick before:

I experimented with my office up there for a bit, but it just made more sense for the kids to have use of the space, and for me to utilize the room at the bottom of the stairs for my writing space.

If you manage to journey beyond the bookshelf without sitting down to read (are you up for the challenge?), you walk into the girls' space. This room started as Case's room--we painted both bedrooms right away--but once he was born, we quickly realized he would need a door for naps. So, we switched the rooms. Case lived in a pink room for quite awhile, and the girls lived in blue (which is NOT a bad thing. I'm not saying that. I'm a girl, and I LOVE blue. But I didn't love this particular shade, so I was glad to adjust!)

Here are a couple befores...one right after move-in, and one right before sweet baby arrived:

And then, an after of that particular side. We've done a lot of tweaking to these rooms. It's been a fun process to organize toys and utilize every space we can...including under the bed. I will take a lot of these ideas to the new house...even though it's bigger, the tricks will still be beneficial.

And finally, Case's bedroom...once pink...

now navy with blue and green accents (which will also carry over to the new house)...

My husband is amazing...he brings my design ideas to life. He made the toy shelves in Case's room, and also retrofitted shelving into the playroom (which you enter through the door by the dresser).

And now, a bonus for those of you who made it to the end. Proof that kids really DO live up here! 😃 

Thanks for breaking normal with me in my Home Sweet Home 108 tour! Stay tuned for the next posts in the series...it's hard to believe it's about to time wrap-up life at 108!


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