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HSH108 | Kitchen

Guys. We CLOSE ON OUR NEW HOUSE Monday. I can't believe we're at this point already! We're living in a sea of boxes at 108, and I will be glad to get some of them moved out. Due to the difference in closing dates of each property, we will be able to gradually move stuff to the new place...which is a blessing to me as I gear up for three track meets next week. I still might need to transform into Wonder Woman in order to get everything done...

Before the madness begins, and as I take a break from packing, I thought it would be a good time to get in another HSH post. We'll head to the kitchen this time.

To date, the following photo has been probably one of my top 5 interactive Facebook posts over the years, and it's not even a good photo! It was taken in August 2013, as I was trying to select a blue to match the vision in my head:

Despite people weighing in, none of these were quite right. So I just used the leftover gray from Case's room. It was sufficient for a time!

But before getting way ahead of myself, this is what the kitchen looked like shortly after we moved in:

I love wide trim...I will definitely miss the character and depth it provides!
What you can't see in the picture is that the cabinets on the left side of the photo had begun to sag. We often commented that there must have been an angel or two holding them up...because when we took them off, we realized they were only connected by short finishing nails.

This is how much they had pulled down by January of 2013:

After securing the cabinets, we started tackling the paint. If you've painted cabinets before, you know it takes A LOT of time. Good thing we had cute helpers...

And look how understanding our family is...they came to a dedication party while our cabinet painting was in progress! I had forgotten about that...

I also forgot that it took 9-10 months to get everything buttoned up in here...and I also forgot to take kitchen shots of the room with gray walls. Mom brain??? (I believe it's a thing...) Look beyond the birthday set-up, and you can at least see the gray on the walls. Definitely not bad...but I still wanted blue...

So, because I still had visions of blue dancing in my head, I started thinking about a change. Hubby likes darker colors than me, so I compromised. We do the kitchen again...and we go darker...navy. I like navy. OK, deal.

So that brings you up to date...here are the most recent shots:

If I use navy again, I will go a little more muted...with more of a gray undertone...though it reads more low-key in person. It was fun to experiment with a bold color! 

Finally, artwork provided by my girls right after we moved in. Soffits always drive me crazy, trying to figure out what to do with them. This worked well! And, another piece I consider art...the for-real leaded glass window made by my father-in-law. I already have a place in mind for it at the new house!

If you made it to the end of this colossal post, congratulations! I will see you again soon in the rest of the HSH series. Have a lovely weekend 😊


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