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Finishing Touches | progressing bedroom

At the beginning of April, as we did a final walk-through of our soon-to-be home, I held back tears as I took photos of every room. It was a visual of the long list of projects I would soon grapple with. While the home has a great layout and ample space, the magnitude of what we were stepping into weighed heavy on my heart.

I was leaving a home I adored, and even though I love home design, moving to a home that needed updating in every single space was overwhelming. In my emotional state, it seemed like a giant step backward. In order to give ourselves a glimpse of possibility, we decided to tackle a room reno before we moved in.

To save some sanity, we chose the smallest room...which happened to be our son's future bedroom. This is what it looked like before we moved in:

Like the rest of the carpet in our new home, this kinda looked OK at a glance, but upon closer inspection, it was terribly stained and lumpy. We knew we wanted wood floors, and when a corner pull-test revealed disappointment--AKA, no hardwoods--hubby and I got our budget-minded creativity juices flowing. 

We landed on DIY hardwoods. At first hubby thought I was crazy. But google DIY hardwoods, and lots of inspirational photos appear. We settled on 1/4" maple plywood and got to work. Because we don't have a table saw large enough for this project, we had the plywood sheets ripped down to nearly 6" wide planks. Hubby and FIL worked to sand all the edges of every plank. We ripped out carpet and scraped off the linoleum underneath. After it was clean, we laid black felt and started in with the floor.

We decided not to stain the wood, so after sanding and applying a clear coat x5, we were ready to move stuff in. Our son actually slept the first two nights in our new house in our room so the coats could 100% cure.

Here are some photos of the in-progress room. When I first saw the floor paired with fresh paint, my heart swelled. In my mind, it was eye-candy, and helped make me excited to start this new adventure.

Here is a close-up of the finished floor. I love it, and can't wait to get it installed throughout our main level! 

Hubby made the shelves for toy storage in our old house, and they fit great in the new room, too.

The closet doors still need painted...part of the in-progress part of the room. I also need to finish hanging items, and need to sew pockets for the curtain panels. (fun side-note...they are shower curtains!) 

And for a final showcase...BEFORE & IN PROGRESS:

Next up in Finishing Touches, a dark hallway:

See you next time!

The Finishing Touches series is inspired by the lengths Solomon went to, not only to build the temple, but to decorate it (2 Chronicles 3-5). Sometimes I have felt guilty for the joy I find in decorating my home. I like pretty things. And it was such a wonderful moment when I realized God made me as a creator. Like the temple, my desire is for God to be in the center of all I do.


  1. Malinda, his room looks amazing! Great job and I look forward to seeing the progressing transformation with the other rooms. Thanks for putting DIY hardwoods on my radar.

    1. Thank you! Remodeling is pretty fun! Exhausting, but fun! There are lots of photos on pinterest of DIY floors...people using all different grades/types of wood. You might enjoy looking through them :D

  2. It looks great! We're doing a little DIY to our old home and I went with white walls too! SO clean and crisp!

    1. Thank you! I love a crisp feeling, too. Nothing like new paint! Ours is actually a gray-tinted white. Barely there, but in person you can see it. It didn't photograph quite the same!


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