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Finishing Touches

On this day, April 10, one year ago, we closed on our Birch Street house. Pretty sure we've been wielding hammers, paint brushes and nail guns non-stop. (I realize I'm exaggerating, but whew, what a ride!)

In honor of the anniversary of the purchase, I wanted to share some before/after photos with you...just for fun! I think there is something extremely satisfying about transformation...be it home renos or spiritual. Restoration is a beautiful and worthwhile process!

I have shared a few photos here and there on Facebook, but haven't done a post for a long time...mostly because the end products aren't really "finished." But when our to-do list is a million lines long, we tend to bounce around...getting the main parts of the room finished. Seriously...we have lots of floor to replace, and to me, that's more important than the details (for now!).

The last room I opened up for you here was the shark room. (You can see the post HERE.) We have since doubled the curtains and added back in the closet doors.

Today I want to show you one of the basement bedrooms. 

To be upfront, we still need to build/paint closet doors. We intend to put in egress windows on the west wall. We need to purchase and hang wall lamps. The bed needs a bedskirt. The whole basement--this room definitely included--needs new carpet. The floorboards are still missing.

BUT. It's come a LONG way!

Proof. These were taken on our final walk-through before transferring the title.

The bedroom had a garage light, not even centered. Turns out, this room was an afterthought, and the wall was built at some point after the home was. When we started ripping stuff out, we realized the wall wasn't built all the way to the ceiling, hence the random trim pieces. We mudded and taped around the room to close the gaps. The whole basement has needed/still needs this treatment. 

There weren't any closets, so technically it wasn't really considered a bedroom. Our house actually has two exits from the basement, so we like that feature. 

The sweet occupant lived in this room for about 6 months while we tackled a couple rooms upstairs. We started demo in this room in October. With all the hidden problems, this room was out of commission for a couple months. I guess that's what happens when you DIY everything, and can really only work on Saturdays!

Here are plans + progress:

Talk about brain power! Anyway, we tried beadboard ceiling for the first time. We like how it turned out, but plan to use it only in the two basement bedrooms (the other has office space drop ceiling). The rest of the ceilings in the house look good just by scraping popcorn, repairing and painting.

Finally, (nearly) finished bedroom:

New light fixture (centered. phew.) and the finished beadboard ceiling! Brad built the closets and also rebuilt all the window trim and crown molding. He's a talented man.

This was the wallpapered wall before!

Pretty exciting, what a little sweat-equity can do! 

Happy renovating! ❤

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