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Top posts of 2019

I've never done a round-up post for my writing before, so I decided to try one as 2019 winds to a close. It hasn't been a bad year around here, though I'm still picking up the pieces from 2016/2017. I think as a whole, my writing in 2019 has reflected those depths, those reflections, and those steps forward.

My series on church wounds was part of taking steps forward during 2019. In 2017, we left our long-time church. It has been so hard to do, and honestly, I still miss it. My church wounds series helped me continue to process and it also opened doors to conversations with others, for which I was thankful!

1. My most visited blog post in 2019 was about my adoption. I loved writing this one!
2. Runner-up for the most blog hits was a piece from my "Stories" series. Thanks to Debbie for her candidness RE her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis!
3. Rounding out the top 3 most-read blog posts for 2019 was from my ongoing "Finishing Touches" series. This one was all about our dining room upgrades. (We took down wallpaper and put some back up)
While my church wounds series made me a little afraid to publish, wondering what pushback might come, a couple others took the top spots for difficulty to write and/or publish.
1. My newspaper column on bullying was a difficult publish. It was maybe hard to read, too. I didn't shy away from my experience as a high school student. I also received both positive feedback and negative (especially from a local man who "had to take the time to look me up" and write to me RE: I must have done something to deserve what happened. Case in point for the necessity of this Lipstick & Pearls column:
2. A blog post based on a major sin against one of my children was another difficult write. I had to separate what I could tell per my story VS what I wouldn't share per my child's story. Reflecting on forgiveness was also emotionally draining, albeit good and necessary.
3. Reflecting on the death of my brother is always difficult. In November, his birthday month, I wrote my newspaper column about grief mixed with joy--healing.
I've already mentioned my adoption piece as one I loved to write. Here are a couple more lighthearted pieces to round out this list. It's proof I can have fun sometimes 😉

1. I always love to craft my writing using real-life events and turning them into life-lessons. It's why my column is called Lipstick & Pearls, after all!
2. Sharing my own Arts & Crafts Fair memories while celebrating the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts 50th anniversary was a treat.
3. We made Kansas State Track and Field history this past season.
As always, I continue to be thankful for my local newspaper, The Hillsboro Free Press, for publishing my thoughts each month as a columnist. I continue to enjoy being the voice of Lipstick & Pearls. Check them out for local news, and also, for more L&P...there are columns dating back to 2008 and you can access them all HERE 😀

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for notifications about newly-published pieces (social media isn't reliable for this anymore).

And also, thank you to all who support my writing career in one way or another. I appreciate you! 💗 

Happy end of 2019!


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